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Major Head

Sub Head


Child Labour


Child Marriage


Child Prostitution


Exploitation of Children


Human Sacrifice


Immoral Traffic in Children


Cruelty to Children


Neglect of Children


Exploitation of the mentally retarded


Public Health hazards


Malfunctioning of medical institutions/ medical professionals.


Custodial death


Custodial rape


Exploitation of child prisoners


Denial of required medical facilities to prisoners


Deprivation of legal aid


Harassment of Prisoners


Irregularities in jail


Non-supply of prescribed diet to prisoners


Unlawful solitary confinement

Criminal Gangs

Harassment by Gangs


Mischief or harassment by anti-social elements


Bonded Labour


Exploitation of Labour


Forced Labour


Hazardous employment




Traffic in human labour

Minorities / SC/ ST

Discrimination against minorities

Discrimination against SC/ST

Physically Handicapped

Exploitation of physically handicapped


Cruelty to physically handicapped


Discrimination against physically handicapped


Neglect of physically handicapped

Police/ Paramilitary Forces

Arbitrary use of power

Abduction /Kidnapping

Abuse of Power


Attempted Murder


Custodial death


Custodial rape


Custodial torture


Custodial violence


Death in firing


Death in encounter


Failure in taking lawful action


False implications


Illegal  arrest


Outraging of modesty in custody


Police motivated incidents




Unlawful detention




Ecological disturbances


Pollution affecting surroundings


Environmental pollution


Misuse of scientific and technological Developments

Religion Community

Communal Violence

Ethnic conflict


Group clashes


Racial discrimination

Service Matter

Disparities in Employment opportunities


Non-payment of Pension/ compensation


Other service disputes


Abduction, Rape and Murder


Discrimination against women


Dowry death or attempt

Dowry demand

Exploitation of women

Gang rape

Indignity of women

Immoral trafficking of women


Sexual harassment




Unlawful actions of public servants*


Unlawful eviction


Residual matters

*“Public Servant” as defined in Sec.21 of the Indian Penal Code.


Theoretical distinctions

Natural and Legal Rights

Claim rights and liberty rights

Negative and positive rights

Individual and group rights


Human rights divisions

Three generations

Civil and political

Economic, social and cultural


Rights claimants

Animals : Humans

Women, Men

Fathers. Mothers

Children. Youth. Students

Indigenes. Minorities. LGBT


Other groups of rights

Authors’ – Digital – Labour

Linguistic – Reproductive