1. To promote the culture of Human Rights means the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution in the International Covenants and enforceable by courts of India.

2. To promote Human Rights Education in close co-operation with State and National Human Rights Commissioner and other statutory Commission on women, Minorities, SC and ST, NGOs and Media Organization.

3. To provide accurate and timely information about Human Rights violation in India, to promote public awareness about the nature and importance of Human Rights in India.

4. To study and file different cases according to the different laws against violation of Human Rights in Supreme Court , National & State Human Rights Commission , High Court , National Green Tribunal , Central Administrative Tribunals, State Administrative Tribunal , Loka Adalat , Lok Pal etc. 

5. To inform the violation of Human Rights to the National and State Human Rights Commission by Collecting information through R.T.I. Act , 2005 and initiate proceeding for prosecution against errant public officials against violation of human rights in National/ State Human Right Commissions and other court of law to provide relief/compensation to the victim (s) .

6. To aware Human Rights through Electronic Media, Print Media etc. in National and International level.

7. To participate in India and International Human Rights movement and to watch the Human Rights and Judicial Behavior, Judicial Delay and Human Rights, Custodial Justice, Fair Trial and Assess to Justice , Differential Impact of Legal Systems on Human Rights , Legal Ordering and Impact on Subalter Approaches , Human Rights and Political Behavior, Human Rights and Administrative Behavior, Human Rights and Legislative Behavior , Accountability of Government to the Human Rights.

8. To work for ensuring that basic Human Rights are respected every where.

9. To develop a more distinctive and effective role for the International Court of justice in the field of Human Rights.

10. To help stop legal social and economic discrimination against women and their exploitation in different ways.

11. To promote Human Rights education as a catalyst in brining our attitudinal and social change among the management of fire works, glass, stone crushing and related industries for reducing the prevalence of child labour in these and other hazardous industries to zero.

12. To create an environment as well as an understanding that Human Rights can easily become vulnerable abuse of various structures and processes of power.

13. To promote the role of developing societies vis Human Rights .

14. To collect data related to the existing educational and training facilities in the areas of Human Rights and civil liberties in different parts of the world in general and the developing countries in particular of designing a need based Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral programme in Human Rights and civil liberties.

15. To publish books, monographs, journals and directories on Human Rights.

16. To avid aid/ donations from various National and International Organizations.

17. To protest the violation of Human Rights in National Level.

18. To maintain secular character of our country as well as our state through its various educational and awareness programme.

19. To plan and implement different programmes for protection of women and child right.

20. To promote cultural/ Scientific / Fine-Arts / Literary, sports and games among general public.

21. To provide educational and health care facilities for all irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex and religion.

22. To implement various programmes against all social evils like dowry, child labour, atrocities and violence against weaker sex and weaker section.

23. To run and maintain various educational institution for technical, non-technical , professional, self employment programmes for development of Human Resources in the state as well in the country.

24. To eradicate social evils and corruption in the society the trust will run, orphanage, old age home, Drug rehabilitation center and investigation wing for corruption and similar other activities. It will undertake all types of appropriate steps for all round development of society and maintenance of socio-cultural and moral value of people.

25. To promote facilities for Information technology , Bio-Technology and any other professional courses considering the need of the hour for development of the state .

26. To undertake and create infrastructure for different training programme for self employment activities.

27. To work as information bureau to reduce unemployment in the state.

28. To undertake research work for formation of specific plans, policies, rules, procedures and programmes for welfare of weaker section on behalf of government and non-government agencies/ organizations.

29. To public literacy and scientific magazines and periodicals, engage non-formal teachers for adult and dropouts for eradication of literacy.

30. To plan and implement various activities for strengthening of entertainment industry in the state.

31. To create a group of volunteers for selfless service during natural calamities in the state as well as in the country.

32. To plan and implement various programmes for maintenances of eco-balancing and involves in social forestry programmes.