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 Smt. Sangeeta Swain, a Human Rights Activist, in her complaint dated 17.3.2015, has alleged that on 12.2.2015, a student of Angul High School committed suicide by hanging herself due to corporal punishment like mental and physical inflicted by Kamla Kanta Sahu, a teacher of the school. In this connection, on complaint of Sukhdev Maharana, Angul PS case No.83/2015 u/s.306 IPC was registered. She has requested intervention of the Commission. The Commission took cognizance on 30.3.2015 and directed to transmit the petition to the concerned authorities calling for a report in the matter. Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, the SP, Angul has sent his report dated 5.5.2015 based of an enquiry conducted by SDPO, Angul. As per the report, in the course of enquiry, it was found that after conducting inquest, the dead body of the deceased was sent to the District Hospital Angul for postmortem examination. After postmortem examination, the team of autopsy doctors opined that the cause of death of the deceased was due to suicidal hanging. The Investigating Officer seized the suicide note of the deceased from her house in which she had not alleged against anybody responsible for committing suicide. On 12.2.2015, there was history class in which the deceased, after informing the teacher Kamla Kanta Sahu, went outside the class to play khoko. After 10/15 minutes, she returned and wanted to get inside the class room, but the teacher Kamla Kanta Sahu told her to remain outside the class and only after 2/3 minutes, he permitted Raja Nandini, the deceased, to enter inside the class room, having felt insulted due to which, she was mentally shocked in presence of other classmates. After the school hours, she returned to her house, closed the door from inside and committed suicide on an iron channel fixed under the roof with the help of her school uniform Chunari. During enquiry, it was found that the teacher concerned has been absconding apprehending police arrest. The Investigating Officer has been making sincere efforts to trace him out in order to record his statement in connection with the case, but he failed. In the meantime, by an interim order, the Odisha High Court has stayed the arrest of the teacher. The investigation of the case is in progress. The Commission has considered the report. No report has been received from the District Magistrate, Angul. A copy of the report be sent to the complainant for her comments, if any, which should be received in the Commission within six weeks. The District Magistrate, Angul is directed to conduct an enquiry into the matter and send within six weeks a report to the Commission. A copy of the complaint be also sent to the District Magistrate for his reference.