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According to the report of Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S) the exporters doing business of export from Odisha have cheated/misappropriated Rs.24, 000 Crore in their business & interestingly the report given by the Govt. of Odisha to the Central Govt. in this regard is hell & heaven different than the DGCI&S report which is to the tune of Rs. 24, 000 Crore in the export business to Indonesia, Honkong , Japan , Austria , Canada , Quait , Bentham , Italy, German, Portugal , America, France , Bangladesh, Belgium, Chile, Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Arab Countries & Mid-east Countries product like food, Mines , textiles , Ornaments , Medicinal products etc,     violate Human Rights due to Inaction/Unlawful Action/ Abetment by the Public Authority the News Articles in the daily “The SAMAJA” on dated 30/08/2014 is self explanatory attached for information.