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Case Details

These two cases are based on newspaper report captioned "JATIRE MISIBAKU LANDA HELE MAHILA" published in the SAMAJ, a leading Odiya daily dated 22.5.2014. This is a case in which a woman (Lachhama) born in the 'Gauda' community had married a young man from a Tribal community. A few days after her marriage, she was abandoned by her husband. She returned to her father's house where she was leading a quiet life. However as a 'punishment' for Lachhama's cross community marriage, she alongwith her parents and siblings, was ostracized from the 'Gauda' community. For their readmission to the community, Lachhama's father had to treat the villagers to a feast, besides paying a fine. As if that was not enough, Lachhama was tonsured in front of hundreds of villagers under the directions of the Community Leaders. Even after all this, she continues to be ostracized from the community. The Commission took cognizance on 20.6.2014 and directed issued of notice to the concerned authorities calling for a report within four weeks. In response to this Commission's Notice dated 3.7.2014 Collector and DM, Malkangiri, Odisha vide communication dated 14.11.2014 has submitted report. According to the report enquiry was got done through the Sub-Collector, Malkangiri. During enquiry it came to light that Lachhama Ambagachia has got married to one Pitambar Bhumia of village Manusha under Malkangiri Block, who belongs to ST community. After marriage she come to know that Pitambar Bhumia has already married and having his first wife. Gradually misunderstanding developed between Lachhama and Pitambar. As a result Pitambar Bhumia sent Lachhama to her parents house and Lachhama had to stay in her fathers house. As Pitambar Bhumia belongs to S.T. by caste and Lachhama belongs to Non S.T. by caste, Lachhama was subjected to social punishment by their villagers. Accordingly the father of Lachhama was compelled to arrange for feast and as per tradition of her society she had to get tonsured. It was told that if they do not obey the direction of their society and villagers they would be ostracized. It is also mentioned here that the total incident was based on mutual understanding between Lachhama's family and the villagers though it seems a compulsion to the outer society. There is no further dispute in the village over this issue. Further in the above issue the Malkangiri police entered the case in Station Diary vide No. 382 dated 22.5.2014 and enquired the matter. Neither Lachhama nor her father complained to District Administration regarding any compulsion. However, there is no dispute in the village and the fact has been noted by Police for future reference. The Commission has considered material placed on record. As per report neither the victim nor the family of the victim complained to the district administration regarding any compulsion. There is no further dispute in the village. Statement of the father alongwith relevant police record has been sent alongwith the report. No complaint in the Commission has been received either from the victim or from her family. In the facts and circumstances narrated above, the Commission is not inclined to proceed further in the matter. Victim and her family are at liberty to avail remedy as per law. Report is taken on record. These cases stand closed. Parties be informed accordingly.

Concluded and No Further Action Required (Dated 3/23/2015 )