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On Dtd.26.02.2014 two sailor died in Submarine
I.N.S, Sindhuratna due to fire & smoke in the
compartment, 18 Navy personnel were killed in
I.N.S, Sindhurakshak on 14.08.2013 as well as 10
similar incident occurred in Indian Navy warship
since last six months. In this regard Comptroller
and Auditor General (C.A.G) have already reported
in 2008 & 2009 to change the old & outdated
submarine/warship & procurement of Battery
Monitoring System (B.M.S) urgently but the
Department of Defense never took any steps.
Where C.A.G also reported that half of India’s
Submarine fleet (I.S.F) is in disrepair & more than
48% I.S.F is available for waging war, should India
be attacked? Due to inaction and unlawful action
by the Public Authority.