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This proceeding shall be read in continuation of the earlier proceedings of the Commission dated 14.11.2014. Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, a report dated 18.11.2014 from Director, Safety IV, Government of India, Ministry of Railways, Railway Board has been received. In the report, it is intimated that in the said accident, 23 passengers lost their life, 37 passengers were grievously injured and 57 passengers sustained simple injuries. According to the rperot, the Commissioner of Railway, Safety, Central Circle which is under the Ministry of Civil Aviation is conducting a statutory enquiry into the above accident. As per the preliminary report submitted by him, the accident was due to system failure and action will be taken against the officials found responsible for the accident after final report of Enquiry Authority. It is further intimated that a financial compensation of Rs. 2 lakhs was paid the next of kin of each of the deceased passengers. Passengers with grievously injuries were paid Rs. 50,000/- each and other passengers who sustained simple injury received compensation of Rs. 10,000/- each. The report indicates that besides ex-gratia, compensation is also payable for death/injury of railway passengers in train accidents/untoward incident as defined in Section 124/124A of the Railway Act, 1989 which is decided by the Railway Claims Tribunal on the basis of application if filed in the Tribunal. The Commission has carefully considered the report. The Director Safety-IV is further directed to submit the details of the compensation paid to the deceased families and two other categories of injured victims. The report should also indicate the outcome of the statutory enquiry made by CRS Central Circle and steps taken to ensure safety of the passengers on board to avoid repetition of such incident. Response within six weeks. Let a copy of the report be transmitted to the complainant for comments, if any, within the said period.

Additional Information Called for (Dated 3/20/2015 )