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The Historical Maguri Motapung Beel large wetland of
the state with an area of 1,000 hectares has been
suffering due to manifold problems and the silence of
the public authority concerned over the issue have
shocked the natives, who has been working relentlessly
to conserve the wetland which is also a declared as
Important Bird Area (IBA) due to an oil company
initiated a project to setup a pipeline over the wetland.
Although the locals have opposed the move of the oil
company and urged the company to divert the pipeline to
save the rich biodiversity of the wetland, if the pipeline
is operational , the said wetland will lose all its charm.
Already there is an oil well and the wildlife in the area
particularly the birds are getting affected. According to 

the Environment Impact Notification 2006, there cannot
be any major construction within 10 Kms radius of the
any biological hotspots . The pipeline project is a clear
violation of the Notification issued by the Govt. Of India
due to inaction and unlawful action & by the Public