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Case Details

On dtd. 13.11.2013 one person killed and more than 50
injured in a self made accident at Bhushan steel
ltd.(BSL) during large explosion in blast furnace in the
factory. More than 100 are still under the scattered
structure of the plant either dead or alive. More than 500
labours killed in this plant in different occasion since last
5 years, it is without any Govt. records. Interestingly one
so called Police Station is established there by the said
plant in its own name & style "Bhushan Police Station"
which is working obediently & sincerely for the said
plant without keeping any records of death of labourers.
Govt. is so called partner to the said company where
labourers are simple scrape goat. Neither the Govt. nor
the company is providing adequate safety measures &
Insurance facilities to the labourers.