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Complainant, Smt. Sangita Swain, a human rights activist in her complaint dated 26.10.2013 has alleged that Kapadia New High School, Market Area, Ahmedabad discriminated a muslim girl with regard to admission in the school on 09.8.2013. The victim was refused admission, as she belongs to minority community. The complainant has requested intervention of the Commission. The Commission took cognizance on 18.11.2013 and directed to issue a notice to the concerned authority, calling for a report in the matter. Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, the Director, Primary Education, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar vide communication dated 15.05.2014 has forwarded an enquiry report dated 21/25.03.2014 of the District Education Officer, Ahmedabad City and Principal of the Kapadia New High School. As per the reports, the admission process has been completed in June, 2013. The applicant, Kasaf Momin of the minority community had gone to school for admission on 09.08.2013 i.e. on the holiday for 'Eid' as declared by the State Government, when the school was closed. This school has admitted 155 girls and 211 boys, totaling 366 of minority community students. The report refutes allegations of the complainant. As per report, the allegations contained in the complaint were found to be untrue. The Commission, vide proceedings dated 4.8.2014 directed that copy of the report be provided to the complainant for her comments, which may be had within eight weeks. The complainant has not responded to this Commission's letter dated 21.8.2014 till date. As the allegations contained in the complaint have not been substantiated and the complainant has not responded to this Commission's letter dated 21.8.2914 till date, the Commission is not inclined to proceed further in the matter. Report is taken on record. The complainant is at liberty to avail remedy available in law.. The case stands closed. Parties be informed accordingly.

Concluded and No Further Action Required (Dated 12/31/2014 )