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a poor victim woman who had been beaten by her husband while Police Sub Inspector Anupama Patra and Sanghamitra Sathpathy told her to go back and come tomorrow then Journalist Samir Sahoo and Nipu Bhutia went to Police Station to help the victim but the Sub Inspector had threatened them in presence of the Inspector In charge Geetanjali Sahu to lodge false case and put them in trouble if again they come back to help someone. In later on stage the Police officers lodged a dramatically false allegation against both of the Journalists and started troubling them In PS Case No. 89/2019 in which IIC NALCO PS, as well as the superior authorities such as previous Superintendent of Police, Angul Mr. Mitrabhanu Mahapatra and other officers are in favour to defend the Police officials and have not taken any action despite of writing letters to Superintendent of Police, Angul to ensure the safety and protection of the victim journalists Mrs Swain Prayed to take criminal proceeding against concerned officials for miss utilizing their Power and troubling the journalists who are working for larger Public Interest and compensate Rs.5 Lakhs each for this mental harassment