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On dated.17.08.2019, in a minor road accident between one heavy vehicle and a bike at PTC Traffic Square while turning the truck in slow motion Mr. Saliem Kumar Barik the bike owner had fallen down and got minor injury then the Police person who was on traffic duty handed both of the vehicle driver to the Angul Town Police Station Inspector In-charge Mr. Ramesh Chandra Bisoi, the bike owner had given in written to the OIC, Angul that they have mutually compromised despite of that Mr. Bisoi without registering any case against the Heavy Vehicle driver in unlawful detention he kept the Heavy vehicle driver (Deepak Sahu) approximately from 1:00 P.M to night 02:00 AM in Angul PS without providing any food and water from his end and took bribe amount of Rs.2000 inside Angul PS through ASI, Mr. Singh who was DCO to leave free Deepak Sahu. as well as Ramesh Chandra Bisoi had used filthy languages and threatened to put the vehicle owner and driver in legal trouble for not calling media and demanded the heavy vehicle owner Satya Sahu Rs. 5000 at next morning to release the vehicle finally after taking the bribe the Police had violated Human Rights in gross. Mrs. Swain Prayed take immediate necessary steps against the Inspector In charge of Angul Police Station Ramesh Chandra Bisoi and file police case against him accordingly & take immediate steps to secure the driver and vehicle owner from being legally troubled as this matter has been raised in NHRC