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It has been found by different Human Rights Defenders, Social and RTI activists that Superintendent of Police, Angul Mr. Mitrabhanu Mohapatra while giving the Action Taken Report ask for by the National Human Rights Commission always have given maximum number of reports against the compensation demands that has been claimed for the victims in different Human Rights Cases filed in National Human Rights Commission for the injustice towards the General Public. It is not understandable when an answerable Public Authority states in all its report that "compensation has not been claimed by the victim during complaint filed in Police case or compensation is not necessary to be paid to the General Public". Its really raising a question whether its an ill in NHRC Case No. 4436/18/16/2018-wc which is a matter of POCSO Act. He has stated that "victim family members has not ascertained any compensation for the victim". When the complainant is claiming for the part of compensation to the General Public At Large in every report of Mr. Mitrabhanu Mohapatra is clearly negligent towards the part of compensation paid by the NHRC to the General Public. Recently Police has filed false allegations against the Journalists in Angul, even if many Police arbitrary use of power by other officers has also been found in this district during the period of Mitrabhanu Mohapatra, but all the time he was silent despite of several applications given by different victims from all places. But when the matter has been raised to the part of monetary relief/compensation/Ex-gratia there has been found that the Public Authority is reactive. Which is not only a gross violation of Human Rights. Mrs Swain Prayed to Take necessary disciplinary proceedings against the Public Authority and to investigate by Central Bureau of Investigation on all the cases filed under the Supervision of the concerned Public Authorities service period where has been such arbitrary power has been seen to be used while giving justice to the General Public or any violation of Code of Conduct.