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On dated.10.07.2019 Hasinara Khatun and her children were at home around 2:00 PM all of a sudden Inspector Dayanidhi Nayak came along with a group of officers along with the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar to threaten Mrs. Haisnara Khatun to arrest her in NDPS case intentionally as Mrs. Khatun has already had already filed a case in this regard earlier in NHRC Case No. 4653/18/28/2018 "when these officers had intentionally filed a false case against the concerned victim" and now the same incident they are going to repeat. Mrs. Swain prayed to take criminal action against the concerned officers for intentionally harassing the victim again and again mentally and physically, Penalize and take necessary action against such officers and superior authorities of such officers in whose presence such incidents and occurring again and again and to compensate Rs. 20 Lakhs along with Police protection (from outer States or by NHRC) for a safe and secure livelihood of the victim women and her minor children