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On dated 11/08/2018 the tribal victims Babuli Sahoo, Chakradhar Sahoo, Nirakara Sahoo, Bidhan Behera, along with other 50 villagers & their family, Vill: Saanda, Bankuli, Hensala, Magarmana, Jaganathpur, PS- Khamar, were illegally evicted from the forest land and severely tortured by the Police & Public Authorities in political influence. Interestingly some villagers also availed Houses under the scheme of Indira Awas from the Government on the same forest land along with the electricity & water facilities. (Photo Copy Enclosed) violate Human Rights due to inaction Unlawful Action & Abetment by the Police/Public Authority where the ladies and children are staying under open sky as well as non-registration of  the F.I.R. Prayer to take criminal action against the responsible Police/Public Authorities liable in the illegal eviction of the victims & their family, compensate Rs.10 lakhs to the victims, provide land according to the Forest Rights Act and protect them from the rowdy police and public authorities immediately.