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On dated 02/04/2018 the backward caste victims Samir Sahu of Vill- Santarapur, PS- Banarpal, Dist-Angul had logged a grievance petition in Collectorate Angul bearing no. 32 of 02.04.2018 which has been forwarded by the Collector Angul to the BDO, Banarpal vide letter no. 1694 on 02.04.2018 but till date B.D.O is Inactive and Collector is silent which violate Human Rights in gross due to taking Inaction/ unlawful Action & Abetment by the Public Authorities. The R.T.I copy has been attached for further information. Prayer to give direction to solve the grievance and take necessary disciplinary action against the concerned Public Authority due to nature of Inaction & Unlawful Action, compensate accordingly to the victim for the delay and dilemma of the Public Authorities in solving the matters.