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On dated 28/05/2018 the backward caste senior citizen, victim Swarnalata Sahu & her family, Plot No. B/30, Ruchika Market, PS- Khandagiri PS, Bhubaneswar were physically molested and humiliated by the 100 no. of criminal gangs & raped her minor daughter as well as they theft gold ornaments and cash from her house violate Human Rights in Khandagiri PS case No. 221/28-05-2018 due to inaction Failure in taking lawful Action/Inaction & Abetment by the Police without arresting any accused and recovering the theft material. Prayer to take criminal action against the responsible Police liable in failure in taking lawful action in Khandagiri PS Case No. 221/28-05-2018, give direction to the police to arrest the criminal gangs & recover the gold ornament and cash of the victim & compensate Rs.5 lakhs to the victim, provide protection to the victim & her family immediately.