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Till date all the people from the Villages, Towns, Cities are affected by poisonous water in 16 no. of rivers i.e. Mahanadi, Bramhani, Baitarani, Kharasrota, Gongua, Daya, Kuakhai, etc in all over Odisha & affected by various types of diseases as reveled from the report of the Odisha Water Supply & Sewerage Board, Govt. of Odisha violate Human Rights due to inaction Unlawful Action & Abetment by the Public Authority. Prayer to take criminal action against the responsible Public Authority for the effects of Water Pollution, take necessary action to reduce the rate of Pollution in water resources for healthy & better lives of General Public & compensate Rs.20 lakhs to kin of the deceases for water pollution in Odisha & 5 lakhs to the disease affected victims for water pollution with free medical treatment by Government.