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Till date the victim Neglected Elderly person/Senior Citizen in India are neglecting. Where with an aged population over 60 years of 104 million, there are around 300 Govt. run old age homes covering only 648 districts Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizen Act 2007, which mandates an old age home in each districts in India and provides penal provisions for children & relatives who abandon senior citizen & the Govt. of India doesn’t spend even 0.91% of its G.D.P on its elderly violate Human Rights due to Inaction/Unlawful Action/Abetment by the Public Authority. Prayer to take criminal action against the children & relatives abandoning senior citizens, take immediate steps to establish old age home in all districts of all states in India to provide proper facilities according to the Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizen Act 2007, take criminal & disciplinary action against the responsible Public Authority failure in taking Lawful Action